Swedish Massage


Our 60 Minute Swedish Massage is designed to specifically relax the muscles as well as rejuvenate the body.

Deep Tissue Massage


Our 60 Minute Deep Tissue massage will assist with aching muscles as well as provide relief to pain to the muscles worked on.

Pregnancy Massage


Our side-lying prenatal massage is designed to increase circulation, reduce fatigue, and promote well-being for you and your baby. A peaceful treat for your baby and mom-to-be.

Hot Stone Massage


Heated massage stones radiate their warmth into the surrounding body tissues and muscles, increasing blood circulation, as well as decreasing stress, tension, and tissue stiffness.

Runners Relief Massage


This is specifically designed for the Active Types. This massage focuses on glutes, legs and finishing with a bio-freeze application.

Upper Body Massage


A massage that focuses on releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.

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